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Quilting Adventures' Longarm Quilting Services


Finding someone to quilt your newly completed quilt top is a little nerve racking. As quilters ourselves, our team understands that you may feel a little tentative about sending your hard work to us. We understand and will work with you to provide the best longarm service and the best outcome possible. Below is information that you need to know for preparing your quilt—and yourself—for longarm services.

Here are a few odds and ends to know:

  1.       We carry an ever-expanding selection of wide backs and batting! Ask us about backing and batting selection when you drop off your quilt.
  2.       If you bring in your top, buy batting and backing from us, then you will receive 10% off of longarm service.
  3.       We charge 3 cents per square inch—no bobbin fees; no other hidden fees.
  4.       When you drop off your quilt give your name, email address, and phone number (just until we get our official longarm form up and running). When your quilt is next in line, we will either email or call you to discuss the particulars of your quilt. Mostly likely, Heather will email you with a few ideas for pantos (the design we will quilt into your quilt) as a starting point before calling you.
  5.       Our turnaround time is 4-6 weeks in general. For a specific turnaround time, please ask staff. Please know, we will get to your quilt as soon as possible.
  6.       There is a $50 rush fee for a one-to-two week turn around. Rush projects will be taken at the longarmer’s discretion, balancing the needs of the queue with the individual’s need for a rush. We will do our best to be as fair as possible to everyone. If you have questions and need a rush, please ask for Heather when you drop off your quilt.

Preparing Your Quilt

It is best to have your quilt pressed and squared before we receive it. We will not square your quilt for you. If the quilt has been folded and needs a quick press on seams due to shipping, we will do a quick press without charge.

Make sure all threads and points are trimmed and that the back is ironed and ready for loading.

Any prep work (outside of folds from shipping) that we need to do on your quilt will incur an additional fee based on a $30 hourly rate. Before you are charged this rate, we will let you know what needs to be done and give you an estimate of how long it would take.

Pieced Backs and Backing Requirements

We will longarm pieced backs.

Please ensure that your back has at least 4” extra on each side of the quilt top. This means your back should be a total of 8” wider and longer than the top.

We carry 108” widebacks that we can match to your quilt. Price of backing depends on brand, etc. If you need backing, let our staff help you pick out the perfect piece for your project.


We carry Dream batting in wool, bamboo, cotton, and 80/20. For batting by the yard, we have Dream 80/20 for $13.99/yard and cotton for $13.99/yard.


You will have a choice of thread colors. We use high quality thread to match with the work you’ve created. We are happy to suggest ideas for color choice.

Panto Selection

We will provide a selection of suggested quilt pantos based on our experience after speaking with you about your vision for the finished quilt. Do you want flowers? How about feathers? Geometric shapes?

Don’t wanna wait for us to make suggestions? Check out the thousands of pantos on and tell us what you like!

Longarm Pricing:

We provide edge-to-edge (E2E) quilting options. We do not provide custom.

We charge 3 cents per square inch for quilting.

There are no bobbin fees.

Quilt Trimming

Quilt trimming is included in our services. We trim to the edge of your top when taking a quilt off of the rack. Please let us know if you do not want your quilt trimmed to the edge.


We do not provide binding services. We will have a binding class, so keep your eyes peeled for that on our calendar.


We accept quilt top shipments from all over the United States. We will discuss shipping costs and provide you with a shipping estimate if you contact us.

Ship to:

Quilting Adventures

6943 Lakeside Avenue

Henrico, VA 23228

Orphan Quilts

Sometime awful things happen and quilts become orphans. In our experience, this is usually due to serious illness or death. We will make a good faith effort to ensure your quilt is returned to you or a family member. If, after 60 days of notification of completion, no one has claimed your quilt, nor has called to tell us what is happening, we will consider them orphans. Orphans will be donated to a local charity of our choice to go and do good in the world.


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