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Hue/Color and a Celebration

Color and Celebration 

One of my quilt guilds (Central VA Modern Quilt Guild) is doing a two-color quilt challenge this year. We had a meeting to talk about all the ways you could do a two-color quilt – traditional and some not so traditional color choices. We’ve also had several people come to the shop recently to start projects and struggled with pulling together fabric for their projects.  So I decided to review how to look at your fabric selections a couple of different ways and share a video from our meeting (thanks Kat VB).


First the TED Talk video about how we see color: Click HERE

How do we overcome the difference between what we see and what the color/hue truly looks like?

1) Pull out your phone and take a picture of the fabric.

2) Look at the picture on the phone. Do any colors/hues look out of place? Do any of them clash when you look at the picture? Do any seem too light or dark with the rest? If so, remove the fabric that sticks out or you don't like. Remember, if you are making it for you, YOU need to like the fabric. If you are making it for someone else and you asked them what colors they want, THEY need to like it. You can also make a quilt for someone else and not tell them ahead of time or not ask the what colors they want. Then you need to like what you are working on. If you like what you see in the picture, you are half-way there.


3) Go to the “edit” on the photo screen. One of the icons on the screen will be three overlapped circles – pick that.  You can now change the color schemes of the picture. Scroll to the other end of choices and you will see your color choices in black and white. This will allow you to make sure you have light, mediums, and darks; contrast between the colors that will be next to each other; and if any one fabric is too light, dark or just out of line with the rest.


Use all of this to decide if you like the fabrics chosen or need to get some different fabrics for your project. Don't get discouraged. This is the hardest part of making a quilt. There are no wrong choices and what is in your head may work or may not. There are no quilt police and no one is going to tell you what you like is wrong.  :0)


Don’t forget to get us your “Finish Your PHD” list before February 1.  PHD (Projects Half Done) will run from Feb. 1 – Aug. 31. You need to have at least 7 projects on the list but can have more. You can finish the projects in any order. Quilts above a throw can count at 3 items – top, quilting, binding. You can also have other types of projects: any sewing, needlework, crafts with fabric. We will be viewing your projects in person or electronically each month. There will be coupons for those with a completed project(s) to use each month. We will also be getting together every couple of months to share finishes. Watch for get- together times soon. 

New Minky and some new blenders are on their way. Winter storms have taken a toll on the delivery companies this week.


Time to celebrate! This week I will be 15 years out from my last cancer treatment!!!!!

So, we will be having a January Celebration Sale for the rest of the month. 15% off thread, sewing machine needles, pins, and patterns! 20% off all holiday and novelty fabrics!

Looking forward to seeing you soon. There may be some additional goodies for the celebration too. :0)

Happy sewing everyone,

Phyllis and the QA staff

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