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The Boss Is Away and We Get To Play

The Boss Is Away and We Get To Play 

        Maryhill Stonehenge
        Sunrise, Washington

Happy Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere everyone (well it's really tomorrow, the 21st). Tomorrow is the longest day of daylight for the year for us. This also means the North Pole is tilted towards the sun (about 23 degrees). BUT the Earth's orbit does not put us the closest to sun now. Earth's orbit is the closest to the sun at the Winter Solstice.


The sun will rise the farthest to the east (on the right when facing North) and set the farthest to the west (on the left when facing North) for the Northern Hemisphere tomorrow. It will be the farthest north north in the sky tomorrow, as well. Since the Earth's tilt is decreasing, the sun' highest point is decreasing too. Another fact - the sun's path is not straight, it's curved. Even though tomorrow is the day with the most daylight, sunrise and sunset do not lengthen and shorten our days the evenly before and after the solstice. June 21st does not have the earliest sunrise or latest sunset. Watch the sunrise and sunset times from the weather people on TV. Last fact for the day - the solstice  happens at the same time for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere. It's the time zone time changes that change. So this year it occurs at 5:14 AM eastern, daylight time and at 2:14 AM pacific daylight time.


Phyllis is gone on an adventure and we are womaning the shop. Be sure to check her Instagram or Facebook pages to see what's she's doing. There is an occasional post on QA's Instagram (QuiltRVA) or Facebook page too. Since she's off playing, we get to set the sale this week to celebrate summer. 


20% Off - 
     Pre-cuts (including fat quarters, but no free one if you buy 12)
     Plaid fabric
     Quilting Thread (40wt or lower, including Perle cotton but not embroidery floss)

Plus there will be some flash sales during the week - come in to see what they are. 

Dont' forget to check our calendar for classes!
Happy sewing everyone

The QA staff

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