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National Sewing Month and Tools 2

National Sewing Month and Tools 2


Hello, quilters! Did you know September is National Sewing Month? It’s a great excuse to set some more time aside for sewing. Also a good month to update your sewing box of tools, patterns, and notions for your fall/winter projects. Patterns and books will be 10% off all month. Each Saturday we will have a special sale. This coming Saturday Minky and Flannel will be 20% off!

Shannon Fabrics, the maker of Minky, is having a giveaway for September - National Sewing Month. Go here to sign-up. Watch for sweepstakes from other sewing product companies too.

Tools 2: Barebones Beginner’s Toolbox

A couple weeks ago, we looked at what we consider to be essentials for our experienced quilters. 

This week, we’ve looked at what our beginners are starting out with. This is a list for our newbies looking to try quilting without having to spend as much off the bat.

Our newest employee, Benny, says that on his budget sewing machine, he has its default foot as well as a quarter inch foot. He started piecing using a universal needle, but switching it out for a Schmetz Quilting or Sharps Needle has made a difference. 


He has a small cutting mat and 45mm rotary cutter. He uses a repurposed 24” ruler and an 8.5” square he bought for a specific project but uses very frequently.


Benny says he has a drawer on his sewing table in which he keeps his threads and notions:

  • A small variety of threads, but black and white are always on hand. (Usually blue, too, because that’s the color of fabric he uses most.)
  • A case of bobbins, including extras
  • The coin screwdriver that came with the machine for cleaning underneath the throat plate, and a cleaning wand (You need to learn how to clean the lint out from under the throat plate and from around the bobbin).
  •  Seam ripper
  • Fabric scissors (He says he might upset some people with all the things he uses them for…)
  • Pins
  • Safety pins for basting quilt layers together
  • Wonder Clips for sewing down the binding
  • Repurposed mister bottle with water for ironing/pressing
  • Hand sewing needles

His machine came with a handy carrying case that he can fit basic supplies in, too.  Because he doesn't have any duplicates, he has a small bag on hand to put supplies in when he goes to a class. Sometimes a take-out plastic container works for small supplies too.


So, how does your list compare to this one and the one we published a couple of weeks ago? Talk to us about it next time you visit the store or send us an email at We love to hear your thoughts. 

Happy sewing everyone,

Phyllis and the QA staff

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