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100 Days to Christmas Sale and more

 100 Days to Christmas Sale and more


Can you believe it, Christmas is only 100 days away. So holiday fabric yardage(any holiday), will be on sale all week. Fabric will be 25% off. Don't forget patterns and books are on sale until the end of September. Just in time to get those last few quilts started. Coming soon will be classes on quick, last minute gifts you can make.

Chain Piecing

Today we’re going to be talking about chain piecing, also called daisy chaining.

Chain piecing is a more efficient way of sewing pieces together, especially when you’re joining several similar pieces in the same way. When I first heard of daisy chaining, I was a bit daunted by the idea. Is it really so simple as leaving my foot on the pedal and sewing more and more together? Yes, it is.  

I’ll walk you through how it works using my current project as an example. Right now, I’m working on a Halloween table runner made up of 10” blocks of five 2” strips. Because I’m just sewing strips together, it’s a great opportunity to do chain piecing.


To chain piece, sew your first set of pieces as normal. Then, just as your needle is approaching the end of the fabric, lift your presser foot and slide your next set of pieces in place. Then keep sewing. There should be a stitch or a few in between the two blocks. (It won’t hurt your machine.)


At the end of your set of blocks, sew onto a “thread bunny.” This can be any random bit of fabric, and it helps prevent thread from getting jumbled up in your bobbin case as you finish. Then you can cut the chain off and continue.


Your blocks will be attached by the few stitches in between them. Snip those and press your seams (or the reverse order works just as well).


Interested in making the process even more efficient? We sell the Gypsy Cutting Gizmo for exactly this purpose. It’s a handy little thread cutter that sits upright and makes separating your blocks after daisy chaining much quicker.



Happy sewing everyone,

Phyllis and the QA staff

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