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Choosing a Marking Tool

 Choosing a Marking Tool

Hello, quilters!


Make sure you’re checking out our upcoming classes. 

At the end of the month, Sue will be teaching appliqué for hand and machine. She will walk you through creating the Distlefink using Eleanor Burns’ appliqué technique. Your finished block would be great for a pillow case or as the first part of a Baltimore Album Quilt!


Now, we have a lot of customers ask us which marking tool we think is best. The answer is not so simple. 


Here’s a quick, simplified look at some of the tools that Clover offers for marking your fabric. Each work and are removed a little differently. 

Hera Markers

Creases lines into all fabric types and leaves no residue.

Creases are easily ironed out - see this as a pro or con!

Tailor’s Chalk

Easy to use and works on most fabrics. 

The markings can be brushed away easily. 

Chaco Liner

The liner comes pre-filled with chalk and creates straight, thin lines. 

Markings are easily erased.


Air Erasable Markers

Quick and easy to use.

Markings are translucent, so not ideal for dark fabrics.

The ink disappears in 2 to 7 days. 

Water Erasable Markers

Similar to air erasable markers, and they come in two sizes.

Not ideal for dark fabrics, and markings left on for more than two weeks may be difficult to remove.

The ink disappears when washed. 


White Marking Pen

Bright white markings are great for dark fabrics and sashiko.

Markings may take longer to appear. 

Disappears when heated or washed.

Happy sewing everyone,

Phyllis and the QA staff

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