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Stash Busters

Stash Busters

Hello, quilters!


Do you participate in spring cleaning every year? We have some stash busting quilt patterns to share with you that will help you clean out your fabric scrap bin. 


Scrappy Granny Squares


Scrap Stash Plus Quilt


This last one is my favorite: Mod Charms Quilt. It’s very beginner friendly, and it’s a great fit for all our modern quilters! It could also be a fun spin on an I Spy quilt. 

The pattern calls for 3 charm packs (that’s 5 inch squares). I used 2 1/2 inch squares instead, because I had a lot of smaller pieces that I wanted to include. The finished size will be pretty small, but I’ll add a thick border, and it will be the perfect size for the couch. 


Whatever size you choose, you’ll need 112 squares of what I’ve been calling “fun fabric” to myself and 109 squares of a solid color. Let’s get to work!


I was gifted a fantastic collection of Halloween fabric scraps, so that’s what I’ll be using here. I cut some extra squares, too, so I'd have some more wiggle room when it's time to hit the design wall. 

Cutting all these squares out was definitely time consuming, but I found the repetitive cuts to be very relaxing. Using my 2 1/2 inch ruler absolutely sped up the process - you can find those in the store. 

Once I got everything cut, I sorted my fun fabrics into color groups so it’d be easier to spread them out across the quilt as I lay it out. 

To the design wall! With a quilt like this, it’s super helpful to be able to lay the whole quilt out in advance. Obviously, I ran out of room, but I’ll just do one half at a time…


The pattern instructs you to sew each row one at a time, and then sew your rows together. Press the seams in alternating directions between rows so that they nest perfectly, and you’ll end up with perfect corners. 

I pin my fabric along the seams to hold them in place. 

Sewing all these little squares is no joke. I’ve only finished the first six rows so far, but I’m very please with how it’s coming along!


How are you making use of your scraps? If you do a project like this one, we’d love to see it! 

Happy sewing everyone,

Phyllis and the QA staff


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