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Shop Hop (for REAL this time!)


Shop Hop-Pre-Order your fabrics TODAY!

If you've ever taken a class from me, you've probably heard me say, "Pefection is overrated" or maybe I've said to you, "Everyone makes mistakes."  Lord have mercy, y'all, I'm the Queen of Mistakes today! 

I forgot to include the Shop Hop information in our last email. So here it is. We are pre-selling all the Shop Hop fabrics that we're carrying. We will not be ordering more fabric, so get while the gettin's good, as they say. 

Here is a link that should take you to a pre-populated search of all things Shop Hop for QA. OR you can just click on the images below and if the tech juju works just right, it'll take you to that exact product.

Important!  We are pre-selling these fabrics! We can not allow them to go out of the shop until Shop Hop starts July 1, 2024. We want to participate in this again next year, so we have been asked to follow the rules of the hop, and that not only helps us to stay in good standing with our fellow quilt shop owning sisters, but will also make things fair for everyone. When you pre-order, we will cut and put aside your order the day you order. 

So next time your points are not pointy, your seams don't match, or you sew a right side to a wrong side, remember: Heather made a mistake in front of everyone. 

Thanks for putting up with me! :)


Here are the images that **should** take you directly to their pages (please, please work!)


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