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In case you weren't able to view the latest QA Quips for Jan 20th, here it is in a text.

QA Quips – Jan 20, 2019

What do we have on tap for you this week?

Here’s our headline: Introduction to Machine Quilting class scheduled for Feb 16th! Sign up now. This all-day workshop will focus on setting up your machine to quilt, using the templates to make fantastic designs, and practicing with the Westlee rulers. Lunch is included. These rulers by SewSteady Quilting are all the rage, and we’ll have THE Geraldine Wilkins teaching you. If you plan to attend, let us know by Jan 27th your preferences for rulers, feet, and extension tables. See more details on the website and in QA.


We have new fabric in stock. Let me point out this one in particular:
Just in time for Washington’s Day.

Norm and Nanette 

I just had to share a new pattern which arrived in the store.
Norm and Nanette. 

needle threaders

OK, let’s take a moment and discuss what all of us have, and I don’t mean a fabric stash this time around. I’m talking “spit”.  Since I’ve been cross stitching more lately (2019 Xstitch Mystery Tour Members Unite!), my eyes and my linen have said enough already with all the electrolytes, water, and - well, we won’t go there. To come clean (snicker), we have new needle threaders in stock. I’ve tested them. I like that there’s 2 in the package. When I lose the first one, I’ll have a spare.  So, come in and get your needle threaders today.

Retro Clean

We have 2 FAQs today.

FAQ #1:  spit. Well, you knew I had to say it again. If you get blood on your quilt, your spit will get it out – no one else’s due to enzymes. OK, ok. Icky, but it works. You could try hydrogen peroxide, too, but you never know how it will react to the dye in certain fabrics, so I’m not a big fan. My non-icky favorite is Retro Clean which we carry in QA. It gets out nearly everything on your quilt gently with one or two soaks. 
Hint:  I put a sheet in my tub, fill it, then soak my quilt with Retro Clean to be sure my quilt doesn’t touch anything it shouldn’t.

FAQ #2 is about the Quip background. Tonight, January 20th is the Super Blood Wolf Moon. (Super because so close, Blood because total and red, and Wolf because January). The total lunar eclipse will start at 11:40 pm EST and lasts about an hour (partial starts at 10:30 pm). For those of us in the QA area, temperatures will be colder than cold at that time. Good thing you make quilts right? If you are thinking “I’ll catch it next time”, then you’ll be waiting until 2022. I’m not that patient.     

See ya later this week! ARH-WOOOOOOOOOOO!


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